Mount Isa in western Queensland is a raw frontier town built around vast mineral resources and the home of the biggest rodeo in Australia.

The logo was designed as part of a promotional campaign for tourism in the Mount Isa region.

Inkspot Printing in the Northern Territory were looking for something tropical on their new logo. They liked it so much that it covered the large front wall of their building.

Designing a logo for a corporation, small business, tour operator, club, retailer ... or even a boat, is all about identity. It’s the character, purpose, and often the uniqueness of the enterprise that can be reflected in their brand. Many logos are just words or initials with embellishments. More often than not, the logo needs more visual impact; symbolising your operation or venture, it should be visually appealing and easy to reproduce even when reduced to a small ad or a black and white logo in a newspaper. We supply logos with impact that will fit on a business card or cover the side of a aircraft hangar.

The Deckchair Cinema is a wonderful outdoor venue on the Darwin harbourside. Rows of deckchairs lined up under the stars, a large screen framed by the sea.
Red wine, foreign films and a tropical sea breeze!

Poruma Resort on Coconut Island,130 km north-east of Thursday Island - one of the Torres Strait Islands off the tip of Cape York, Queensland, between PNG and Australia.

Blues Club in Camden, London. Live shows: rockabilly blues and delta, jazz, ska, swing, reggae and more.  A raw woodcut logo - ignoring pixels, back to basics. Looks great on t-shirts.

Oil Search Limited is an oil and gas exploration and development company that operates in PNG, Australia, Yemen, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

We designed their Aviation Dept logo and an intranet navigation interface based on flight radar instrumentation.

The Tufi region in Papua New Guinea is a mecca for diving enthusiasts. The Resort is surrounded by majestic fjords plus the beauty of the reef and rainforest.

A design for a game fishing boat in Costa Rica. The brief: illustrate a mermaid holding an emerald.

An Australian software company that develops interactive websites, business systems and process improvement software.

Cape York Aboriginal community dance troupes gather for the Laura Dance Festival. It’s a keeping place of culture; a place of history that is a major cultural event.

Macassan traders from Indonesia visited northern Australia for hundreds of years to fish for trepang. This logo was based upon an aboriginal rock painting of the Macassan traders.

Coastal, marine and environmental consultants. Green represents land - a seed germinating - blue, the water, can be a wave or our planet.

WISAR provides opportunities for female participation at all levels of sport and active recreation.

Mango Lagoon is a tourist resort built in the shade of large mango trees in Palm Cove, tropical north Queensland.

The fitness centre at Trinity Beach  has squash courts, pool and a gym.They needed a logo with a generic fitness and coastal theme.

The Meanders is a proposed new tourist route that weaves through the tropical north Queensland landscape visiting places of interest along the way.

Wanggulay (local aboriginal name for Cockatoo) is a beautiful holiday pole home nestled in the rainforest next to the spectacular Barron River Gorge.

A production company that produces dramatic exhibitions, events and installations.

A logo for Blue Mountains Tourism, New South Wales. A King Parrot and Waratah flower.

The Association focuses attention on the gifted and talented and their valuable potential contributions to the welfare of Australia.

An iconic event, held in the Darwin Botanic Gardens, attracted more than 6,000 children and parents every year.

The Night Zoo allows you to spend an evening with a variety of animals in comfort and safety with a bbq of aussie tucker and songs around the campfire.



The Merchant Report: a Business Appraisal tool to create your own Business Marketability Report. The logo represents a tick, a positive message.

A logo used on signs in Exmoor National Park, UK. The Exmoor Horn (sheep), the Exmoor Pony and Red Deer - iconic animals in the region.